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Welcome to By Grace Trio website. Our only mission is to share the message of Jesus Christ. Each member of "By Grace Trio" can testify to God's grace and mercy, and we each love to share how the Lord has been faithful through every storm in our lives.


Whether you are apprehensive about starting a new year, new month, new week or another new day, you can look forward with anticipation to what God has in store for you.  Simply rest in the assurance that "He is in control!" 


We are excited and motivated to share God's goodness with all of God's wonderful people.  We are always happy to minister wherever God opens a door.   We believe God will provide for us if we just follow His leading and  make ourselves available to Him.  We just love to sing about what He has done for us, and we know that He will meet needs and give His peace and joy to hurting people.  He is so faithful and it is by His grace we can trust Him and share His love.


We would be honored to have you contact us and let us know when we might have the opportunity to worship with you in His name! 


                      Thank you and God bless!


                             Sandy, Duane and Ginny

"...by grace are ye saved through faith..."

Eph 2.8       



             Want to Schedule a concert for worship or an event

    Contact Duane Heil
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